About us

Marie-Pacifique Zeltner

« After spending 5 years as a publicist for book publishers in Paris, I moved in 2008 in the South of France where I started to work at Au diable vauvert at the rights department. After a decade as rights and acquisitions manager, I launched l’Agence Bibemus in harmony with my desire to promote more books from the French literary and genre scene. Building on the success of The Reader of the 6.27 (sold in 34 territories and film option sold to Atlas Entertainment) and drawing from my experience and skills, the agency is dedicated to promote diverse independant publishers from France throughout the world, handling subsidiary, foreign and film rights. »


Foreign rights
On an exclusive base, we handle international translation rights on behalf of our clients.

Subsidiary rights
We also provide services in domestic rights such as massmarket paperback, book club, theatre, permissions…

Film and TV rights
We provide a promotion service dedicated to French and foreign producers


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